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The Major 2011 Website Makeover!

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The Major 2011 Website Makeover!

Post  Admin on Tue Dec 14, 2010 3:49 pm

The Major 2011 Website Makeover will be a big move for Xff as we haven't updated the site in around 5 months. We are planning to create a bright new classy logo for the site, with seasonal changes! One important aspect of Xff's life is it's Clan. The Xff clan will be getting a new clean website area that will be finished off and polished.

The second most important part of this make over is the new X-Shop! Where you can spend your Xff points for items you wish to buy. All of the items will have certain perks, some of them will be to make your profile of image on the forum better.

So Stay Tuned!


As you can see I don't go for Gamerscore


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